Quality assurance

Just good is not good enough for us.

To guarantee high product quality, we employ qualified staff and quality assurance experts. Everyone of them has the comprehensive know-how to meet our own growing needs and those of our customers and legislators, whatever they may be. Prior to the start of production, the Hohenstein Institute confirms the sizing and accredited testing laboratories certify the quality of fabrics and additions such as zippers and buttons. These processes are overseen by our textile engineers. 

Other quality assurance services

  •  Chemical and physical analysis of the raw materials
  •  Sizing inspection by the Hohenstein Institute
  •  Process optimisation

During the production process, the individual production steps up to the finished product stage are constantly reviewed by employees at our international offices. Our textile engineers in Hamburg support our colleagues on site to ensure flawless textile production. 

Despite the variety of products, we always sell the same: Quality.